ShroomSoft D.O.O.

Shrooms Soft D.O.O. was founded in 2005, as limited liability company. Software we provide is modular and flexible which makes it suitable for both small-sized businesses and more complex corporate settings. Our highly skilled development team is constantly engaged in design of modern business IT solutions, always utilizing the latest technology available. Along with application development, which is our core business, we also provide various additional services to our customers ranging from Internet-based solutions, project design, administration of computer networks, to deployment, service and preventive maintenance of different computer systems. Shrooms Soft’s design team is constantly devoted to improve and further develop our products by releasing new versions and updates on a regular basis, usually a few times per year. Those new versions and updates are sometimes mandated by changes in laws and regulations, but they are also reflecting our desire to further improve our product, increase productivity and to add new features.

Some of our solutions can be seen on the project page.