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  • Ambulatory software

    Enterprise Medical software

    System dedicated for primary health care institutions, in accordance with the health care law of the Republic of Serbia, in line with the requirements of the Ministry of Health and the state Health Care Fund.

    Some of the system key modules are:
    - Subsystem adjusted for dialysis
    - Subsystem adapted to specialist departments
    - Subsystem adapted to Dental department- Stockroom monitoring of medical supplies
    - Direct communication with X-ray equipment
    - Complete and comprehensive patient files
    - Medical aids warehouse

    This system is actively used on over 300 workstations and 6 servers for the past 10 years.

  • Aqua Bill

    Aqua Bill

    Software designed to calculate water consumption and use of other specialized services in water supply. It has two modules - technical and financial. Technical module includes monitoring of water consumption, user records and measuring points, reclamations, failures, PDA and mobile devices support and a wide range of reports.

  • Transport Pro

    Transport Pro

    The software package dedicated for commercial transport companies. This system enables precise record keeping of all the transportation aspects, their realization and finally automatic invoicing. Software provides the entrances records as well as the customers and suppliers data. The system is automated and covers all areas of transportation business.

  • Analytics platform

    IoT Analytics platform

    Analytics dashboard enables field workers and Strawberry’s clients to:

    - Monitor usage of Strawberry Smart Devices through intuitive interactive charts.
    - Maintenance of all connected devices by Strawberry energy
    - Provide an access to collected data from sensors for buyer/city/municipalities

  • Social network

    Mobile social network

    EvoAPP is a local based social network that allows the user to find answers to his / her requests with the help of the local community. It was developed on Android and IOS platforms. It is currently in the beta testing phase with over 600 active users.

  • Conference app

    Conference app

    For the purpose of a local tech conference, a one-time native mobile application for Android and IOS were created. This application, besides the standard lecture agenda, included an interactive realtime quiz with questions and answers offered. More than 200 people simultaneously participated in the quiz.