Mobile Application development

Smart mobile devices opened new markets and a constant need to develop more of different mobile application platforms. Our experience in developing systems for big corporation boost us to respond to market demands with fast and most accurate solutions, including iOS and Android applications development. We offer native mobile applications as well as hybrid platforms.

Our Mobile development process

Compared to the enterprise and B2B solutions strictly defined by the client’s business demands (usually immediate technical implementation using waterfall development methodology), development of B2C mobile applications usually requires different, more agile approach. In accordance with client’s changing ideas and ever present uncertainty of final form of a product, we usually apply the following development procedure:


Defining basic requirements based on the idea, which includes Heuristic Evaluation


Creating a Wireframe Sketch Prototype that attempts to respond to previously defined requirements

Functional prototype

Creating a functional prototype with application design


Testing a functional prototype with specific segment groups. Types of testing are usually reduced to A/B and usability tests

Correction / iterations

Revision of results, correction of prototype (if necessary). This procedure can be repeated several times until the results are satisfactory and achieve the desired goal

Final implementation

Implementation of a functional prototype